Pink Cheetah Hottie Waist Trainer - GlennSpin
Pink Cheetah Hottie Waist Trainer - GlennSpin

*PRE-ORDER* Pink Cheetah Hottie Waist Trainer

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The Hottie Waist Trainer is ultra-lightweight with a flexible fit, which makes it ideal for anyone looking to tone, slim and shape their waistline and achieve an hourglass figure.

When worn during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which helps you burn more fat in your stomach and increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape. The flexible rods, front zipper and elastic strap for easy adjustment and secure closure fits nicely around your waist to improve your posture and shape your waist to its natural curve. 

Getting snatched and shaping your waistline has never been easier, or more comfortable. Wear your Hottie Waist Trainer daily, and watch the inches melt off.

Don't just be a Hottie. Be a Hottie with a bawdy! 


  • Materials: 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex, 100% Latex
  • One Velcro compression strap
  • Zipper fastening
  • Sweat wicking
  • Back support
  • Great for post pregnancy recovery
  • Correcting your posture 
  • Working out
  • Tightening abdominal muscles
  • Sculpting your waist

As long as your measure your waist correctly, you can't go wrong! Measure your waist as accurate as possible in order to get your Hottie Waist Trainer in the perfect size for your body. 

Choose the size based on the measurement of your waist size. NOT YOUR CLOTHING SIZE. We recommend getting a new one and/or sizing down after 3-6 months. 

Model is 5'6 wearing a Medium 11in Torso
Care Instructions 
Hand wash in warm water and air dry flat. Do not machine wash/dry, bleach or iron.
*Avoid using laundry detergent to clean your waist trainer because some of the detergents contain bleach, alcohol, dyes, and fragrances that could potentially damage the waist trainer. If you do wish to use detergent go for an all-natural or a mild detergent. You can use body wash, gentle shampoo, and/or baby shampoo instead.

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